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With increasing life expectancy and greater demands by our society for unrestricted quality of life into advanced old age, the specialized area of regenerative and artificial organ and tissue replacement (tissue engineering) is assuming increasing importance. The mechanical properties of regenerative and artificial materials are one of the areas of research in the field of biomaterials.



Biaxial Test on Biomaterials (Artifical Tissues)

Biaxial tensile test using a Zwick testing machine (mediX0.1) with a maximum test load of 100 N. Strain ...
Video 00:00:52
50_Biaxial_Test_on_Biomaterials__Artifical_Tissues_.wmv (4.5 M)

Tensile Test on Artificial Tissue in Temperature-controlled Environment

Testing machine( 2,5 kN) with a temperature-controlled bath and a video-extensometer ...
Video 00:01:30
56_Tensile_Test_on_Artificial_Tissue_in_Temperature-controlled.wmv (8.1 M)

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