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Biomechanics is concerned with the functions and structures of the musco-skeletal system and movements of biological systems. Medical products to be tested are prostheses, osteosynthetic implants, trauma products and orthopedic implants.



Tests on bone-screws - Prüfungen an Knochenschrauben

Tests on bone-screws to ASTM F 543 and ISO 6475 - Prüfungen an Knochenschrauben nach der ASTM F 543 und der ...
Video 00:03:10
169_Knochenschrauben_01.wmv (18.7 M)

ISO 7206, ASTM F2068 - Lever-out test hip endoprosthesis - Lever Out Prüfung Hüftgelenkpaarungen

Lever-out test on insert and cup of a hip endoprosthesis - Lever Out Prüfung an Hüftgelenkpaarungen Zwick ...
Video 00:00:45
167_Hueftgelenk_01.wmv (28 M)

Fatigue tests on tibial trays - Ermüdungsprüfung an Tibiaplateau

Fatigue tests on tibial trays (ASTM F 1800 and ISO 14879) - Ermüdungsprüfung an Tibiaplateau nach ASTM F 1800 ...
Video 00:00:42
150_Mikroproben_02.wmv (13.6 M)

Tests on external skeletal fixation devices - Untersuchungen an externen Fixateuren

Static and cyclic tests for external skeletal fixation devices (ASTM F 1541) - Statische und zyklische ...
Video 00:00:40
144_Fixateur_01.wmv (11.6 M)

Fatigue Testing on Spinal Implants with a Zwick Servo-hydraulic Testing Machine

Fatigue test on spinal implant with a Zwick servo-hydraulic testing machine (H10) according to ISO 12189, ...
Video 00:01:14
58_Fatigue_Testing_on_Spinal_Implants_with_a_Zwick_Servo-hydraulic_Testing_Machine.wmv (7.6 M)

Fatigue testing on lower leg prosthesis - Ermüdungsprüfung an Unterschenkelprothesen

Fatigue testing on lower leg prosthesis with a servo-hydraulic testing system - Ermüdungsprüfung an ...
Video 00:00:45
105_Beinprothese.wmv (4.4 M)

Push & Turn Test on Screw Caps

zwicki-Line Torsion for push & turn tests on pharmaceutical packing zwicki-Line Torsion für push & turn an ...
Video 00:00:56
54_Push_and_Turn_Test_on_Screw_Caps.wmv (5.1 M)

Testing on bone screws - Prüfung von Knochenschrauben

Testing on bone screws with Zwick Materials Testing machine - Prüfung von Knochenschrauben mit Zwicki ...
Video 00:00:40
106_Knochenschraube.wmv (3.2 M)

Compression tests on backbone implant - Druckversuch an einem Wirbelsäulenimplantat

Backbone implants are used to replace defective intervertebral discs in the backbone column. Once implanted ...
Video 00:00:57
127_Druckversuch_Wirbelsaeulenimplantat_01.wmv (40 M)

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