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Fatigue Testing on Spinal Implants

Fatigue Testing on Spinal Implants

In spinal surgery, stabilization of the spine is achieved via a movable (disc
prosthesis) or fixed (cage) intervertebral disc replacement. In addition, a stiffening operation using screws and rods, or the replacement of an entire vertebral body with a vertebral body replacement implant can be employed for stabilization. All spinal implants have one thing in common – they must withstand all dynamic loads over many years. Tests of this kind can be performed with the LTM1000 linear drive testing machine or with the Amsler HC-T servo-hydraulic testing machine with additional torsion components. In this way, for example, ISO 12189, ASTM F 2077, ASTM F 2347 or the FDA Guidance specifications, which describe dynamic compression, shear or torsion tests, can be implemented in compliance with standards.

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Fatigue tests on spinal implants

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Fatigue Testing on Spinal Implants with a Zwick Servo-hydraulic Testing Machine

Fatigue test on spinal implant with a Zwick servo-hydraulic testing machine (H10) according to ISO 12189, ...
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58_Fatigue_Testing_on_Spinal_Implants_with_a_Zwick_Servo-hydraulic_Testing_Machine.wmv (7.6 M)


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