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Testing Non-wovens used in the Medical Field

Testing Non-wovens used in the Medical Field

These materials are often used as wound dressings and as a component part of dressing materials, as an alcohol swab for preparing injections or in physiotherapeutic applications; they are a component part of patient and instrument drapes in the operating theater and used as a cover for dental tampons. The investigations carried out on this material are as varied as the range of applications of the end products. One important test in this field is the
tensile test on strip specimens (EN 29073-3 / ISO 9073-3 / ASTM D5035). Measured value is maximum tensile force. The coefficient of variation for the results is calculated. Other important test methods include absorption capacity (EN ISO 9073-6) and strike-through time for liquids (EN ISO 9073-8). A zwicki or ProLine (Z005) testing machine is typically used for these tests.

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