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  • Uniaxial Testing of Helical Springs
  • Uniaxial Testing of Helical Springs

Uniaxial Testing of Helical Springs

Rapid technical advance has led to a significant increase in demands placed on the accuracy and fatigue limit of springs and as a logical consequence of this, to a rise in demands placed on production accuracy as dimensional, form and positional tolerances become even smaller. The requirements placed on testing technology are experiencing a similar increase.

The PrecisionLine series is more than equal to the increased demands placed on precision spring testing machines: pinpoint accuracy and maximum repeat accuracy. It was developed for testing springs with very low tolerances as used in many mechatronic assemblies and functional units for the automotive industry. All sources of errors were taken into account when developing this series.

The most important features:

  • Force is applied to the center axis of the test area; there are no guides in the flow of force 
  • The material measure (non-contact incremental measuring system) is aligned with the measurement path
  • Load cell deformation is compensated mechanically.


The zwicki-Line (single-column testing machine) with testControl electronics, together with the precision spring compression test kit, is ideally suited for use as a precision spring testing machine. The device is extremely transverse force-resistant and protects against overload. The ground, demagnetized compression platens have a parallel alignment of 1 µm/10 mm. The precision guides allow only exact vertical movement of the compression platens. The very stiff load cell, which is not affected by transverse force, effectively reduces measurement errors caused by deformation or lateral forces of the springs.