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  • Fatigue Tests on Engine Components
  • Fatigue Tests on Engine Components

Fatigue Tests on Engine Components

Vibrophores are used to determine material and component fatigue-strength in the areas of fatigue life and fatigue limit. A typical example is the fatigue test to DIN50100 (S-N curve), featuring tensile, compression, pulsating and alternating loads. Zwick’s Amsler Vibrophore was designed for these tests and is available in five ranges with test loads from 5 to 550 kN. The Vibrophore delivers high frequencies and large force amplitude at low energy inputs – its energy requirement is around 2% of that of servo-hydraulic testing machines. No additional power-packs are needed for hydraulics or coolant, making installation extremely easy. Operation is also greatly simplified by Zwick’s testXpert testing software, which is precisely tailored to testing requirements.

The Vibrophore can be used for fatigue-testing connecting rods, at a testing frequency of approximately 100 Hz and with an assumed fatigue limit of N=5x106 cycles. The connecting rod is clamped in the Vibrophore by means of special forked specimen grips, closely reproducing actual in-service operation, while an optional temperature-controlled oil environment allows realistic testing of the connecting rod.

Determination of the S-N curve to DIN 50100 for crankshafts requires a relatively low frequency; here also the Zwick Vibrophore can be used. 3x106 force-controlled sine-cycles are performed using the staircase method at a maximum testing frequency of, for example, 80 Hz. Fatigue occurs through flexural loading; the support table and test fixture can be reconfigured to enable testing of different segments of the crankshaft.

The Vibrophore is also ideal for fatigue tests on fastening elements such as bolts, screws, rivets and weld seams.

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