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Flexural Test

Flexural Test

3-point Flexural Tests
3-point flexural tests are very common as they are easy to perform. Flexure can be measured with the crosshead travel encoder when the machine deformation is compensated.

The modulus is determined either between 10% and 50% Fmax (EN 2562),  or 10% and 25% Fmax (EN 2746), or between two strain limits (ISO and ASTM).

The span-to-thickness ratio is 32:1 in ASTM. ISO uses 20:1 for GRFP and 40:1 for CRFP, EN standards use 16:1 for GFRP and 40:1 for CFRP. This subjects the specimen to low shear forces only.

4-point Flexural Test

4-point Flexural Test
The advantage of the 4-point flexural setup is its freedom from shear forces in the mid-span area.

The flexural modulus is determined between 0.05 and 0.25% strain (ISO 14125) or 0.1 and 0.3% strain (ASTM D 7264).
The central support span can be 1/3 (ISO 14125) or 1/2 (ASTM D 7264) of the lower support span.

The span-to-thickness ratio is 32:1 in ASTM. ISO uses 22.5:1 for GFRP and 40.5:1 for CFRP.


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