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The Cobb test explained

The Cobb test is used to determine the water absorptiveness of paper, board and corrugated board. Standards for the test are ISO 535, EN 20535 and TAPPI T 441.

Water absorptiveness as per Cobb (Cobb test)

Cobb test with Zwick

  • Easy operation.
  • The dry specimen is weighed and placed under a vertical cylinder with an internal cross-section of 100 cm².
  • Specimen and cylinder rest on a rubber mat supported on a steel plate.
  • Approx. 100 ml of water is poured into the cylinder.
  • After a precisely defined time the water is poured out and excess water removed from the specimen using blotting paper and a roller.
  • The specimen is weighed while wet and the amount of water absorbed by 1 m² of specimen material is calculated.


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