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Box Crush and Stacking Crush Tests

Box Crush and Stacking Crush Tests

These tests are used to determine the strength and the stacking capabilities of corrugated board boxes. The complete box is compressed to a specified load or until failure.  

The European Standards require rigid compression platens if the behaviour of a box is being tested by loading it on opposite corners or sides. The upper platen must be spherically pivoted when loading the box on opposite surfaces. However, TAPPI always requires rigid compression plates. The European Standards distinguish between the Box Crush Test and the Stacking Crush Test.  

In the Box Crush Test, the corrugated board carton is loaded steadily to nominal load or until failure. In the Stacking Crush Test, a certain load is held constant for a certain time or until failure of the box. The Standards ISO 12048, EN 22872 and TAPPI T 804 exist for the Box Crush Test, for the Stacking Test the EN 22874.  

Machines, either standard or to customer specifications, also offer correct applicable solutions for combined tests.  

The advantages: 

  • Standard and customer specific machines for optimal testing 
  • Available solutions for box widths up to 2000 mm


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