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Testing Semi-finished and Finished Components

Testing Semi-finished and Finished Components

Examples of this area of testing include function-testing components and functional units or testing specimens taken from a finished component. The results required therefore depend on the design and the manufacturing process, with the consequence that this area of application features many different types of test, for which special test devices or special testXpert® software solutions are sometimes necessary.  
This area often involves function-testing a finished component or testing specimens taken from a component or semi-finished product. The results obtained do not represent material properties, as they have been influenced by the production process and the design of the component.
As the aim of these tests is generally to provide evidence of a particular performance characteristic, there are very many different testing methods in this field, requiring special tools or test sequences - which is of course no problem with testXpert® software.   
Zwick supplies the most reliable universal testing machines and extensometers for tensile, flexure and compression tests, together with pendulum impact testers, extrusion plastometers and HDT/Vicat testing instruments in manual and fully automated versions. Using them will significantly reduce the statistical spread of results. 

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