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Impact Tensile Test

Impact Tensile Test

This method is described in ISO 8256 and ASTM D 1822; two procedures are possible. In Method A one end of a shouldered test bar is inserted into the clamping fixture, and a transverse yoke is attached to the other end. During the test the pendulum hammer strikes and propels the yoke, loading the specimen in the tensile direction until break. Part of the potential impact energy of the hammer is used to start the yoke moving, a further portion being consumed by the deformation of the specimen. Results from tests using the same pendulum-yoke combination are directly comparable; for different combinations the standards specify correction procedures which enable approximate comparability. 

Typical Products for this Application:

HIT pendulum impact tester up to 50 joules 

HIT pendulum impact testers up to 50 joules

Zwick Roell is the leading European manufacturer of instruments and systems for mechanical materials testing. Our HIT pendulum impact testers are benchmark instruments for plastics manufacturers and processors.



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