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Determination of Melt Mass Flow Rate (MFR) and Melt Volume Flow Rate (MVR)

Extrusion plastometers provide standard values for the melt index (MFR) and the volume index (MVR) of filled and unfilled thermoplastics to ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238 and similar Standards. 

Zwick produces straightforward extrusion plastometers for Method A and instruments with automatic displacement measurement which can be used for measurements to Methods A and B.


Cflow Extrusion Plastometer

Method A

The Cflow extrusion plastometer consists of an extrusion barrel which is heated exactly to a pre-set temperature, a die of standardized diameter and a piston with a weight applied to its upper end. The material to be tested is loaded into the extrusion barrel; after a specified pre-heating period it is extruded through the die by the force of the weight acting on the piston. The extrudate is cut off at constant time-intervals and weighed. The result is the melt mass flow rate (MFR), which is calculated from the extruded mass per 10 minutes. 

This method is suitable for individual tests with lower specimen flow. 

Typical Products for this Application:

Cflow melt index tester 

Cflow extrusion plastometers

The easy-to-use Cflow extrusion plastometers (melt index testers) are designed as a stand-alone instrument. They are specifically intended for MFR determination and are suitable for goods inwards checks.


Mflow melt index tester 

Mflow extrusion plastometers

The basic version of the Mflow extrusion plastometers (melt index testers) can be used to determine the melt mass flow rate (MFR).



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