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Tear Growth, Peel and Adhesion Characteristics

Tear Growth, Peel and Adhesion Characteristics

Tear growth tests are frequently used to evaluate the behavior of a foil which has been pre-damaged with an initial tear. In addition so-called ‘trouser-legs’ or trapezoidal specimens with a defined notch are used.

Typical Products for this Application:


Zwicki modellen är materialprovningsmaskiner i laster upp till 5 kN

Fyra lastområden erbjuds - 500 N, (112lbf), 1 kN (224 lbf), 2.5 kN (562 lbf) and 5 kN (1125 lbf) alla med tre olika slaglängder.



Xforce kraftgivare

Xforce load cells are ideal for tensile, compression and flexure tests and for cyclic tests with zero crossing. The highly accurate patented Xforce load cells are used for all our load frame ranges .


Temperature chambers

Temperature chambers are used in a temperature range from -80°C to +250°C.



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