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Fibers, Yarns, Threads, Rovings

Fibers, Yarns, Threads, Rovings

The physical characteristics of these primary textiles are mainly determined by tensile tests, with specimen preparation as specified by the relevant Standard. Zwick has the ideal testing machines and extensometers for textile testing and – most importantly – the correct specimen grips and jaw inserts, guaranteeing reliable test sequences. The following examples are of tests using Standard EN ISO 2062, which specifies the procedure for determining the breaking force and elongation at break of textile yarns. 



Tensile tests on high-strength yarns - Zugprüfung an hochfesten Garnen

Tensile tests on high-strength yarns with Zwick materials testing machine - Zugprüfung an hochfesten Garnen ...
Video 00:00:48
104_Testing_on_yarns.wmv (4.5 M)

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