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  • 90° / 180° Peel Test
  • 90° / 180° Peel Test

90° / 180° Peel Tests

This type of test is used to control the adhesive characteristics as adhesion and tear strength. There are a lot of peel and tear tests with the same principle. Some examples: EN 1719, EN 1939, FINAT test method no. 2, DIN 30646, DIN 55475, DIN 55477. 

The reason for the high number is, that different substrate materials and adhesives are used for many different applications. Test platens of glass or stainless steel with a standardised surface are used to compare the adhesion of the different materials.

The tests determine the adhesive or adhesion strength: The force that is necessary to tear a strip of a tape constantly from a test platen or glass. The result is the force referred to the width of the tape.

The tack test is often meaningful: This is ability to adhere to a surface, and to get a measurable tearing force. The adhesion on a substrate is achieved by touching or having small contact without using a force.


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