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3-point Flexure Test Kit

3-point Flexure Test Kit

In a 3-point flexure test the specimen lies on two anvils and is centrally loaded with an upper anvil. The span is adaptable to the specimen. 

This test is particularly suitable for brittle products, additionaly with same specimen sizes by production. For example waffles, cookies, chocolate bars or also noodle products are suited. 

Flexure strength and breaking strength, fracturability and brittleness enable conclusions to be drawn for different recipes. Furthermore you can analyse the influence of moisture, baking time and temperature as well as packing and storage to the products characteristics. 



3-point flexture test on crispbread - 3-Punkt-Biegeversuch an Knäckebrot

3-point flexture test on crispbread with Zwick Materials Testing Machine - 3-Punkt-Biegeversuch an Knäckebrot ...
Video 00:00:36
112_Knaeckebrot.wmv (21 M)


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