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(024) Materials Testing Machine 100 kN, AllroundLine

tensile test in a temperature range from +200 °C to +800 °C

Key features:

  • Z100 TEW materials testing machine, Fmax 100 kN
  • test speed 0.0001 … 1500 mm/min
  • max. positioning and return speed 2500 mm/min
  • wedge screw grips Fmax 100 kN
  • High temperature grips
  • High temperature extensometer
  • High temperature round oven with 3 heating zones

Advantages and benefits:

  • simple, safe, reliable operation of entire system via testXpert II
  • The intelligent control algorithms minimize the controller parameterization and ensure a standards-compliant sample temperature without overshooting
  • Sample temperature measurement with variable sensing distance


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