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Hydraulic distribution unit

Hydraulic distribution unit

The hydraulic distribution unit is the electrically operated switching device in servohydraulic testing machines. It connects or disconnects the hydraulic pressure for a servohydraulic testing actuator or servohydraulic testing machine. A connecting valve is allocated to each consumer, allowing them to be switched independently of each other. The modular design enables addition of an extra switching manifold whenever required.

There are three different switching states:

  • OFF:
    pressure lines and return oil lines are both disconnected from the
    hydraulic supply;
    the single testing actuator connected is in setting mode with reduced pressure and reduced flow;
    The testing actuator is in operational testing mode; full hydraulic power is available.

The smooth, controlled change from low to high pressure avoids pressure surges. In the event of a sudden fall in pressure, for example due to a fractured hose, the hydraulic supply is automatically switched off.

The hydraulic distribution units can be used in networks operating at 210 bar and 280 bar.

The switching manifolds are available for flow rates from 65 l/min to 500 l/min; special versions are also available for higher rates.