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  • Hydraulic power pack without acoustic hood
  • Hydraulic power pack with acoustic hood

Hydraulic power packs

HP Series hydraulic power-packs were specially developed to cope with the demanding requirements of servohydraulic testing machines and testing systems. They feature demand-dependent flow-rate control, with delivery at a constant pressure of 280 or 210 bar.

  • Variable-capacity pump automatically adjusts, using only sufficient electrical power to maintain the required flow at any given moment.
  • 9­piston pump delivers oil flow with minimal pressure fluctuations.
  • Power packs have multiple vibration isolation.
  • All connections, including pressure filter, feature operator-friendly front mounting.
  • Integrated oil collection pan catches minor drips and leakages during hose and filter changes.
  • Modern power-pack control with SPS for convenient operation, including monitoring and status display.
  • Wide range of monitoring functions available, including oil pressure, oil level, oil temperature, filter.
  • Power pack can be operated either directly from the electrical cabinet or from the test stand via remote control (optional).
  • Power packs are supplied ready for fitting of an acoustic hood. This can also be retrofitted.
  • A vibration stabilizer can be retrofitted to damp disruptive vibrations in pipework installations where necessary.

Connection to testing actuators is via a set of hoses; use of pipingis recommended where longer runs are involved. Power packs can also be coupled together for use with large hydraulic installations.

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