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  • Abrasion tester 6103
  • Abrasion tester 6103

Abrasion tester 6103

The Zwick 6103 abrasion tester is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 4649 and ASTM D5963 and is used to determine the abrasive resistance of rubber and elastomers. Abrasion testing to these standards is performed on materials subject to abrasive wear in service. This test method allows comparative measurements for checking the uniformity of specified products; its measured values are key parameters for the abrasive wear behavior of rubber and elastomers in practical applications.

  • The Zwick abrasion tester can be used for tests on both fixed and rotating specimens
  • Half-travel abrasion can be set for soft specimens
  • Automatic OFF when protective cover is raised or test travel completed
  • Thermal circuit-breaker prevents overloading
  • Specimen holder and adjustment gage for setting tolerance limit
  • Contact force 2.5 N to 10 N, variable via interchangeable weights