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  • Type 8496 grips for screw, shoulder-headed and threaded-head specimens, Fmax 50 kN   Type 8496 grips for screw, shoulder-headed and threaded-head specimens, Fmax 50 kN

Grips for screw, shoulder-headed and threaded-head specimens

Positive clamping-force transmission via shouldered, screw or threaded heads. The specimen plus appropriate holder is inserted into the grips, which are freely accessible from in front, and is automatically centered in the tensile axis.

  • Specimen grips with Fmax 50 kN and 250 kN available
  • Specimen holder anti-backlash option ensures that the specimen is held securely, minimizing holder recoil at specimen break
  • Low overall height saves space in the test area
  • Positive clamping solution eliminates need for additional hydraulic power packs
  • Strain-rate control to EN ISO 6892-1:2009 and ASTM E 8 – 09.

Absolutely symmetrical force distribution is ensured through various design details

  • Anti-backlash option for specimen holders: play-free specimen location enables precise alignment in the tensile axis - essential for use with optical extension measurement systems.
  • Symmetrical bearing surfaces in the specimen grips: the specimen holders bear on two symmetrical contact surfaces in the specimen grips.
  • Specimen fully enclosed by all specimen holders: all specimen holders completely surround the specimen. A support sleeve is placed around the split holders for dumbbell specimens; this also prevents them from spreading.

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