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  • Pincer Grips Type 8122, Fmax 500N                                                                             Pincer Grips Type 8388, Fmax 10kN

Features of Pincer Grips

These grips are primarily used for testing highly ductile plastics and elastomers. The pincer principle produces a strong increase in gripping force during the test.

  • The gripping force is proportional to the tensile force (self-clamping).
  • The lateral mobility of the pincer grips allows specimens always to be loaded centrically to the test axis.
  • Design ensures fast, easy clamping.
  • Good high-temperature resistance and low overall height make these grips highly suitable for use in temperature chambers.Opens internal link in current window
  • These grips are frequently used for tear growth or peel tests as the upper grip element.

The pincer grips are opened and closed via a lever. Spring pre-tensioning holds the grips open for insertion of the specimen and the pincer action generates the pre-load force at the beginning of the test. The pincer action induces automatic re-tightening as the tensile force increases. This is advantageous with specimens which decrease in section during testing.


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