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Single-actuator pneumatic grips, Fmax 100 N (on left with integrated control valve)

Single-actuator Pneumatic Grips

  • Can be used for symmetrical and asymmetrical clamping of specimens
  • Counter-jaws can have stepped or stepless adjustment depending on model
  • Many pneumatic grips up to 1 kN have an integral control valve - no additional external pneumatic control unit required
  • Most specimen grips use the dove-tail jaw-system, enabling easy, tool-free insert change
  • Strain-rate control to EN ISO 6892-1:2009 and ASTM E 8 – 09.

Double-actuator pneumatic grips, Fmax 50 kN

Double-actuator pneumatic grips

  • These grips always close symmetrically to the tensile axis, saving alignment time with varying specimen thicknesses and ensuring that the specimen is gripped exactly in the test axis.
  • Grips mostly have a large opening width, enabling thicker specimens to be tested also.
  • Dove-tail jaw-system enables easy, tool-free insert change.
  • Strain-rate control to EN ISO 6892-1:2009 and ASTM E 8 – 09.
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Pneumatic grips in a temperature chamber

Grips for temperature chambers

  • Grips have special connector units for use in temperature chambers with integral compressed air feed; drip-pan provided for separate condensed water drain from test area.
  • Grips can be used in a temperature range from –70 to +250 °C.
  • Available in both single-actuator and double-actuator versions.


Additional grips, e.g. pneumatic capstan grips, can be found under Opens internal link in current windowSpecial grips.