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Zwick 3105 Combi Test IRHD/Shore hardness tester

Zwick 3105 Combi Test IRHD/Shore hardness tester

The Zwick 3105 Combi Test is a microcomputer-controlled hardness tester with very high measurement accuracy in multiple IRHD (plus IRHD-ss supersoft) and Shore measurement ranges.

Operator error is eliminated; the Zwick 3105's digital measuring systems deliver fast, fully automatic and highly accurate measurement in all Shore and IRHD ranges. It can perform hardness tests on moldings and sheet materials, for example, using an automatic test sequence.

Before the spring-generated load for Shore testing or the main load for IRHD is applied, the indenter scans the surface of the specimen. This patented procedure helps guarantee reliable measurements on moldings with concave or convex surfaces.

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