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Universal hardness testing: testing machines and instruments

Today’s state-of-the-art universal hardness testing machines use innovative electromechanical technology for high-precision testing in a wide range of applications, particularly for quality assurance, production-line testing and in the laboratory.

ZHU zwickiLine for universal hardness testing 

ZHU zwickiLine for universal hardness testing

Mount a hardness measurement head in a zwicki-Line testing machine and the result is the ZHU/Z2.5 - for flexible hardness testing. The head is designed for use with all Zwick materials testing machines and is also suitable for automated applications.


Hardness Testing Machine ZHU250CL 

Hardness Testing Machine ZHU250CL

In the ZHU250CL hardness tester the latest close loop technology is used for applying test forces . The closed loop control system is designed to have a much lower signal-to-noise ratio than a traditional load cell, thus providing much greater consistency of test force application. The accuracy on all loads beats the requirements according to the relevant ISO and ASTM standards.


ZHU 250 hardness tester 

ZHU 250 for universal hardness testing

The rugged Zwick/ZHU250 combines long-term reliability with high-accuracy hardness testing for a wide range of applications requiring a test load of up to 250 kg. It features quick, simple and precise handling.


ZHU 187.5 hardness testing machine 

ZHU 187.5 hardness tester

The various versions of the Zwick/ZHU187.5 universal hardness tester cover test loads between 29.4 N and 1839 N and are used for Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell testing.


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