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ZHU zwicki-Line hardness testing machine

ZHU zwickiLine 0.5/Z2.5 and ZHU zwickiLine 2.5/Z2.5 hardness testing machines

Mount a hardness measurement head in a zwicki-Line testing machine and the result is the ZHU/Z2.5 - the most flexible, most versatile hardness testing machine in the world. The head is designed for use with all Zwick materials testing machines and is also suitable for automated applications. A change of test fixture allows this modular testing system to be used for compression and flexure tests also.

Integrated into the hardness measurement head are a digital travel-measuring system and an exchangeable indenter with sensor foot. All hardness tests using indention depth measurement are covered, including Martens hardness HM, Rockwell hardness, ball indentation hardness, Vickers depth measurement HVT and Brinell depth measurement HBT.

To carry out hardness tests to Vickers, Knoop or Brinell, an add-on optical unit is used with the hardness measurement head. This unit consists of a measuring microscope with up to four lenses and a linear displacement unit which allows position changes between measuring microscope and load unit, avoiding the need for movement of components under test. A motorized version of the displacement unit is available, providing a fully automatic testing system.

testXpert® is the natural choice of testing software, with a cost-effective add-on developed exclusively for optical hardness testing methods.



Universal hardness testing machine - Universelle Härte-Prüfmaschine ZHU/zwicki-Line

ZHU/zwicki-Line universal hardness testing machines can be used for the classical Rockwell, Vickers and ...
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