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Zwick 3106 hardness tester

Zwick 3106 hardness tester

The Zwick 3106 hardness tester can be used for all hardness tests involving indentation measurement and provides values for research, development, quality control and acceptance/rejection according to specification.

One particularly popular application is ball indentation hardness of plastics to ISO 2039-1, in which an indenter under a defined test load is pressed into the surface of the specimen. The indentation depth measured under load has a mathematical relationship to the recorded hardness in N/mm²

Additional standards for which the Zwick 3106 can be used

  • ASTM D 785: Rockwell (plastics)
  • ISO 6508: Rockwell (metals)
  • DIN 1168-2: hardness of plaster
  • DIN 1996: indentation test method for asphalt
  • DIN 51917: Rockwell (carbon materials)
  • EN 433: residual indentation on elastic floor coverings.

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