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  • ZHV30 zwickiLine hardness testing machine

ZHV30/zwickiLine hardness testing machine

The fully automatic ZHV30/zwicki-Line features closed-loop technology and offers reduced testing costs and minimal operator influence, guaranteeing effective and cost-efficient low-load hardness testing.
It can be used for all optical hardness test methods in the low-force range for individual, series and multiple hardness traverse tests to the following standards: Vickers hardness to EN ISO 6507, Knoop hardness to EN ISO 4545, Brinell hardness to EN ISO 6506.
The ZHV30/zwickiLine is ideal for automated hardness tests to determine values for the following methods: case hardening depth (CHD) to EN ISO 2639, effective hardening depth after surface heating (DS) to EN 10328, nitriding depth (Nht) to DIN 50190-3 and weld seam tests on steel pipes to EN 10208.

  • The hardness tester has been designed as a ‘top loader’ so that the measuring unit is automatically lowered to the specimen. Test-area height can be varied as required.
  • The measuring microscope features CCD camera technology and has a motorized turret for the indenter and up to 4 lenses, allowing a wide range of applications to be covered.
  • Control of the hardness testing machine and evaluation of test data are handled by testXpert II software Test reports (with test parameters and test results) are generated automatically.