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ZHVµ micro Vickers hardness tester

ZHVµ micro Vickers hardness tester

The ZHVµ Micro Vickers hardness tester covers Vickers and Knoop hardness tests to ISO 6507, ISO 4545 and ASTM E 384 in the test-load range from HV0.01 to HV2.

The hardness tester is equipped with an automatic 6-position turret for up to 2 indenters and up to 4 lenses This enables test methods to be changed and selected via menu buttons without changing the indenter. A wide practical application range is ensured with objective lenses covering total magnifications from 25x to 1000x. The front panel display and integrated microscope allow easy operation and time-saving hardness testing. The test cycle is automatic and dwell times can be configured in the electronics. Test load is selected via the operating panel, while load change is automatic. The intensity of illumination can be stored for each lens magnification individually.

For more sophisticated or for automated applications, PC controlled versions are available as semi or fully automatic systems based on the High Definition Software (HD). The advantage of this software is that it creates an overview image of the specimen in high resolution to define indentation positions. This allows single or multiple traverses to be configured and carried out accurately on the specimen surface. A useful feature is the linking of the overview picture and the live image. The indentation is shown in the live image with the measurement lens magnification. The software shows this position automatically in the overview image of the specimen surface. The system is operated and controlled entirely by the software; one particular use is for automated multiple traverse testing.



Indentec ZHVμ-A with Flat Bed Scanner

Rapid Image Acquisition for Accurate and Efficient Hardness Testing
Video 00:03:18
188_ZHVMu_multiple_specimen_01.wmv (9.7 MB)

Micro Vickers hardness tester - Mikro-Vickers-Härteprüfer ZHVμ

Fully Automatic Micro Vickers Hardness Tester with HD Software - Vickers and Knoop hardness testing to EN ISO ...
Video 00:01:48
125_ZHVMu_01.wmv (68 M)

Weld Analysis

Weld Analysis
Video 00:05:43
131_Weld_Analysis_01.wmv (14.6 M)

Case depth using automatic measurement

Case depth using automatic measurement
Video 00:07:46
134_Depth_cases_01.wmv (26 M)

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