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testcontrol II - powerful, innovative measurement and control technology

New testControl II measurement and control technology provides the ideal basis for precise, reproducible test results. As well as setting new standards in safety technology, efficiency and quality, testControl II is laying down a benchmark for drive technology.

testControl II control technology with zwickiLine, ProLine, AllroundLine plus the HC10 dynamic materials testing machine
  • Powerful drive technology gives materials testing machines high test speeds and return speeds. Faster return speeds mean reduced cycle times and increased test throughput.
  • testControl II impresses with its high measurement speed and accuracy, flexibility in use and fast control characteristics.
  • The combination of powerful, flexible measurement and control technology plus an innovative operating concept guarantees an optimum solution for testing applications, from the simplest to the most demanding.
  • High-quality finishes give testControl II dependable protection against external influences, with impressively durable components used throughout.
  • On static materials testing machines the testControl II measurement and control electronics are mounted vertically on the load frame for better protection against ingress by liquids or conductive particles (dirt, dust, liquids (IP 32), vibrations).
  • testControl II's 10kHz control frequency enables rapid reaction to events during dynamic tests , combined with a high measured-value acquisition rate.

Zwick engineering - Made in Germany

Zwick engineering - Made in Germany

testControl II measurement and control technology is truly 'Made by Zwick'. Development and production take place entirely in Ulm, allowing optimum matching of all components and enabling Zwick to offer outstanding support. During development of testControl II Zwick was able to draw on experience gained from over 12,000 installations of testControl II electronics.

testXpert II testing software

testControl II control technology plus testXpert II testing software - a powerful combination

testXpert II testing software and testControl II control technology are perfectly matched, ensuring safe, efficient, reliable operation of the materials testing machine. testXpert II provides the optimum solution for any testing requirement.

testXpert Research software is designed for dynamic tests in conjunction with testControl II electronics. Integrated software for the entire test sequence guides the operator step by step through parameterization of the controller, the test sequence and result evaluation.