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Powerful drives and drive controllers

With static materials testing machines the drive delivers high crosshead-travel resolution plus extremely low minimum speeds which can be adjusted while maintaining a high level of speed constancy. This is important in cases such as component tests with especially demanding travel-precision requirements, or tests on specimens with high stiffness and short travel.

The high test-speed range can be used without restriction. In addition, test loads up to 110% of machine nominal load are permissible to compensate for heavy combinations of test fixtures, accessories etc.

Fast drive-controller

Fast, adaptive drive controller

The high drive control frequency of 1000 Hz delivers fast, precise force and strain control. Benefits include enabling components to be loaded very quickly and accurately with a predetermined force.

Automatic setting of all the required control parameters for fast, accurate approach to target positions saves time and money by eliminating the need for time-consuming pre-tests.

Strain-rate control

Strain-rate control

The AllroundLine drive technology’s excellent constant-velocity characteristics and interaction with the sensor technology and adaptive control make it ideal for demanding strain-rate control (e.g. ISO 6892-1, Method A1).

Controller set-up

Controller set-up

Special controller set-up for testing situations with demanding control requirements. For example, if the force sensor is located on the fixed crosshead in force-controlled tests, the controller can simply be switched in the software.

AC drives

Powerful drives

Powerful drives also allow cyclic tests to be performed at maximum speed up to nominal load – with no waiting time between tests. AllroundLine and ProLine use maintenance-free AC drives.