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Examples of modernized hydraulic static materials testing machines

Modernized Schenck-Trebel RZB 1000 hydraulic materials testing machine

Schenck-Trebel RZB 1000, 1 MN

  • testXpert II testing software ensures reliable test-data acquisition and processing, coupled with high specimen throughput
  • testControl-H digital electronics provide precise, standard-compliant control of tests.
Modernized Kögel hydraulic static materials testing machine

Kögel 600 kN

  • standard-compliant, reproducible tests on safety-related fasteners
  • automatic test data acquisition, processing and documentation.
Modernized Losenhausen hydraulic materials testing machine

Losenhausen UHP40, 400 kN

  • new hydraulic power pack with proportional valve
  • standard-compliant materials testing with testControl measurement and control electronics and testXpert II testing software.
Modernized Dynamess hydraulic materials testing machine

Dynamess, 100 kN

  • extended application range with testControl measurement and control electronics and flexible testXpert II software
  • hydraulic supply and sensors retained.
Modernized MTS 1S hydraulic materials testing machine

Type MTS 1S, 50 kN

  • reliable performance and evaluation of LCF tests
  • flexible, accessible system to accommodate future adaptations and upgrades.

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