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Modernized Schenck

RetroLine modernization packages for servohydraulic testing systems

The modular RetroLine modernization packages for servo-hydraulic testing systems can easily be tailored to your individual needs and testing requirements. Modernization of your testing machine usually includes renewal of the measurement and control electronics and the testing software. If necessary your modernization can involve a complete solution with replacement and modification of the hydraulic components. Areas of application range from materials characterization on single-axis materials testing machines to complex component-testing on multiaxial testing systems, for example simulation tests.

RetroLine retrofit kits can be compiled individually from the following basic elements:

  • ControlCube or testControl II digital measurement and control electronics
  • suitable software, e.g. Cubus
  • special conversion kits for adapting existing sensors such as load cells, extensometers etc.
  • new hydraulic power pack or adaptation of existing hydraulic components.
  • proportional or servo valves, hydraulic hoses or hydraulic accumulator
  • additional sensors, specimen grips and test fixtures from the comprehensive Zwick accessory range can be retrofitted.


Control Cube and Cubus software

The Control Cube servo-controller and Cubus testing software are ideally suited for retrofitting to existing servohydraulic testing systems and for multi-axis applications.



Hydraulic power packs

Servo-hydraulic test equipment requires a pressurized oil supply with an extremely high level of cleanliness and constant pressure. Pressure fluctuations must be minimal at all times, even with very irregular oil demand from the consumer.


Hydraulic distribution unit 

Hydraulic distribution unit

The hydraulic distribution unit is the electrically operated switching device in servohydraulic testing systems. It connects or disconnects the hydraulic pressure for a servohydraulic testing actuator or servohydraulic testing machine.


Servo valve 

Servo valves

Servo valves are used in closed control loops for high-accuracy control of hydraulic energy, with multi-kilowatt hydraulic power controlled by input signals in the milliwatt-range.

Hydraulic pipelines 

Hydraulic pipelines

Hydraulic pipelines are used when the distance between pressure generator and consumer is too great for hoses to be used. As a general guide, a pipeline should be used for runs of 10 - 12 meters and above. In contrast to hoses they do not have to be replaced at regular intervals.


Typical servohydraulic modernizations

Below are a few of our modernization projects featuring servohydraulic testing systems.


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