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Multiaxial materials testing machines

Zwick can supply a variety of solutions for multiaxial materials testing. Materials testing machines with torsion drive enable fast, precise biaxial testing (tensile or compression combined with torsion) of materials or components up to 10,000 Nm.

As well as tests on artificial ball-and-socket joints and bone-replacement material, torsion tests are also performed on items such as clutch discs, steering shafts and camshafts .

Zwick's product range also includes biaxial testing machines from 1kN to 250kN. These machines have four separate drives which can be controlled either via master/slave operation or independently of each other via the relevant testControl measurement and control electronics.

Biaxial testing machines are especially suitable for component testing, use in research and for complex individual test sequences.



Machines for static torsion testing

These materials testing machines are used for single-axis or bi-axial torsion tests.



Biaxial testing machines

The increasing demands placed on materials mean that determination of material characteristic values via single-axis tests is no longer sufficient. Biaxial testing machines (cruciform testing machines) enable investigation of biaxial tensile stress fields which arise when a cruciform specimen is under load.