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Static torsion testing

Torsion drives from 2 to 2,000 Nm are available for torsion tests on materials or components. Zwick has available a variety of testing machines for differing requirements, including with regard to installation options.

The torsion drives were developed as a modular system and can therefore easily be retrofitted. A Master test program for multiple test axes plus a graphical sequence editor for four test axes are available for the testXpert II testing software. For pure torsion tests there are the TorsionLine testing machines with horizontal testing axis and optional weight loading unit.


TorsionLine torsion testing machine 

TorsionLine torsion testing machines

TorsionLine torsion testing machines are used for single-axis torsion tests on materials and components. The torsion testing axis is horizontal.


Torsion test combined with tensile or compression 

Materials testing machines with torsion drive

Torsion drives are installed in materials testing machines to carry out uniaxial and biaxial torsion tests (tensile or compression combined with torsion) on materials and components.


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