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Drop-weight testers

Zwick drop weight testers can be used for drop weight tests on plastics or metals and for pre-damaging fiber composites for CAI tests. Standardized drop weight testers specifically designed for the various applications can apply different impact energies and velocities as required.


230-joule drop weight tester

The HIT230F drop weight tester was developed in close collaboration with our customers, allowing all the relevant requirements of research and development and quality assurance to be met. It is available in two versions.


Pellini drop weight test  

Pellini drop weight testers

The drop weight test as described by W. S. Pellini is used to investigate the tendency to brittle fracture of steels for comparative evaluation of crack arrest behavior to ASTM E208 and SEP 1325.


High-energy drop weight testers from 20,000 joules

Zwick DWT high-energy drop weight testers are used for testing and evaluating fracture surfaces of ferritic steels.


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