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Pellini drop weight test

Pellini drop weight tester

The drop weight test as described by W. S. Pellini is used to investigate the tendency to brittle fracture of steels for comparative evaluation of crack arrest behavior to ASTM E208 and SEP 1325.

  • Pellini drop weight testers are available in 550J and 1650J versions.
  • The maximum fall height is 1 meter or 1.3 meters.
  • The drop weight is raised automatically, with stepless drop-height adjustment.
  • In accordance with standards (ASTM E208 and SEP 1325), the prescribed drop-energies are obtained by the simple use of weights. Drop energy is calculated automatically.
  • The test area is electrically and mechanically protected via a safety circuit. The test is not performed until all safety contacts have been monitored.
  • Operation is via a touch screen, on which drop height, drop energy, drop weight and impact velocity are shown.
  • During the test, weights fall on to a rectangular flexure specimen supported at both ends, causing a brittle fracture on the tensile side of the specimen within a prescribed total deflection. This brittle fracture is initiated by a notched welding bead laid on this side and known as the 'crack starter'.
  • It is then determined whether the brittle fracture caused by the artificial crack-starter spreads as far as one of the two side-faces of the specimen or is arrested beforehand If the fracture extends to one of the two side-faces, the specimen is regarded as broken.

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