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HIT pendulum impact testers up to 50 joules

Zwick Roell is the leading European manufacturer of instruments and systems for mechanical materials testing. Our HIT pendulum impact testers are benchmark instruments for plastics manufacturers and processors.

HIT pendulum impact testers

Accuracy, reliability and ergonomic design are the hallmarks of these instruments, the first to feature the technical innovations listed below.

  • HIT pendulum impact testers automatically identify the pendulum in use, ensuring that measured values are always determined in the correct range and in accordance with the standard in use.
  • A world first is the use of carbon double rods for the pendulum. This provides a high level of stiffness in the impact direction and a strong concentration of masses at the point of impact.
  • Each pendulum is equipped with a quick-change device for fast pendulum changes without the use of any tools.
  • The optional pendulum disc brake is virtually wear-free.
  • Operator convenience is a prominent feature of the HIT pendulum impact testing systems. Easy-to-reach controls, on the same level wherever possible, help avoid user fatigue.
  • The electronics contain a high-resolution digital encoder for accurate measurement of the impact angle. An RS232 interface is included for connection to laboratory data-management systems, with plug-and-play PC connection via a USB port.

Suitable specimen preparation instruments

Manual notching plane
Zwick notch-cutting machine



HIT Pendelum Impact Testers for Charpy and Izod tests on plastics

HIT Pendelum Impact Testers for tests on plastics specimen from 5 J to 50 J. Impact testing is used to ...
Video 00:03:35

Impact test on plastic specimen (automated)

Robotic testing system ‚roboTest H' with pendulum impact tester 50 J for impact tests on plastic specimen
Video 00:03:20
81_Impact_test_on_plastic_specimen__automated_.wmv (13.4 M)

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