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RKP 450 pendulum impact tester

RKP 450 - pendulum impact testers up to 450 joules

The RKP 450 pendulum impact tester can be used for Charpy, Izod, Brugger, impact tensile and wedge impact tests to all established DIN, EN, ASTM, ISO and BS standards.

A special version allows temperature-conditioned wedge-impact tests to be performed in a temperature range from -45°C to +85°C.

  • The basic unit consists of a vibration-damping steel casting, providing a high level of mechanical stiffness and ensuring reliable test results.
  • Operation is fast and convenient, with easy specimen insertion and pendulum release. This is particularly important for tests to ISO 148 and ASTM E 23 with temperature-conditioned specimens, as they must be impacted 5 seconds after removal from the temperature conditioning area.
  • Operation is further simplified by quick changing of Charpy fixtures and pendulums, coupled with straightforward access for maintenance, servicing and calibration plus easy removal of specimen remains.
  • testXpert II provides access to powerful software packages for all commonly used standards plus instrumented and non-instrumented tests.
  • Zwick pendulum impact testers in the RKP 450 range satisfy the requirements of EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and of EN ISO 12100 and EN ISO 13849-1/2. This also means that the failure of an individual safety control element will not result in the loss of overall instrument safety.
  • RKP 450 pendulum impact testers therefore provide maximum protection for operator and instrument. An officially (TÜV) certified safety control system with redundant micro-controllers monitors the entire safety set-up.
  • The electronics include a high-resolution angular encoder for precise measurement of the angle of rise. An RS232 interface is included for connection to laboratory data-management systems, with plug-and-play PC connection via a USB port

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