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Rebound resilience tester

Zwick 5109 rebound resilience tester

The Zwick 5109 rebound resilience tester is available in two basic versions, for the following applications and standards:

  • for tests on elastomers and rubber to DIN 53512 (elastomers and rubber); ISO 4662 rubber); BS 903 Part A8, Method B (rubber); ASTM D 1054, Method B (Schob)
  • for tests on foam materials to DIN 13014 (polyether foam hospital mattresses).

Advantages of the rebound resilience tester

  • resolution 0.06 degrees
  • extremely low-maintenance - fully automatic sequence with geared motor as sole actuator
  • frictionless pendulum-encoder
  • wear-free mechanism - ideal for continuous operation
  • dustproof keyboard
  • stand-by mode and LCD display for low power consumption.

Zwick 3107 ball rebound tester

Zwick 3107 ball rebound tester

The microcomputer-controlled Zwick 3107 rebound tester is used for determining the rebound resilience of foams to EN ISO 8307 and ASTM D 3574, plus latex foam rubber to JIS K 6382.

A steel ball with a diameter of 16 mm is released precisely via a magnet and falls from a specified height on to the specimen. The instrument electronics determine the rebound height of the ball by means of a triple light-barrier and calculate the rebound resilience from it.