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Robotic testing systems

Robotic testing systems ensure compliance with exacting demands regarding the performance of the test and the standard of operation. Recent years have seen a sustained increase in the number of tests required; at the same time the demand for further reductions in specimen throughput times is as strong as ever.

Zwick's fully-automated testing systems assist in satisfying these requirements. Zwick has developed a modular system for robotic testing systems which allows the required tests to be carried out efficiently and reproducibly. Customized solutions can be assembled from the standardized components, while a team of experts guarantees high availability of automated testing systems.

Compact testing systems for routine tensile or flexure tests
Advanced testing systems for tensile or flexure tests
High-end testing systems for complex testing situations
500 automated testing systems worldwide

Zwick has over 25 years’ experience and expertise, gained while supplying more than 500 robotic testing systems worldwide. We supply 30 new systems every year; a system is usually available for demonstration at our premises.

Automated testing systems for all applications

Zwick has an extremely large range of robotic testing systems with a wide variety of equipment features to suit all applications

Fast results with automated testing systems

Parallel processing of specimens delivers test results much more quickly than on automated systems with conventional software architecture.

Graphic visualizations transmit system status in real time to mobile devices such as iPads.



Zwick Robotic Testing System for Metal Specimen

Abstract of robotic testing systems Zwick ‚roboTest' for tests on heavy plate and thin sheet specimen ...
Video 00:02:22
35_Zwick_Robotic_Testing_System_for_Metal_Specimen.wmv (19.1 M)

Zwick Robotic Testing System for Plastic Specimen

Abstract of robotic testing systems Zwick ‚roboTest' for tests on plastic specimen according to standards ...
Video 00:02:30
36_Zwick_Robotic_Testing_System_for_Plastic_Specimen.wmv (19.7 M)

Zwick 'roboTest R' handling system for automated testing of insulin pens

Zwick 'roboTest R' handling system for automated testing of insulin pens with autoEdition2 automation ...
Video 00:03:18
74_Zwick__roboTest_R__handling_system_for_automated_testing_of_insulin_pens.wmv (15.3 M)