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  • 'roboTest B' robotic testing system                                      Specimen feeder for tensile test

'roboTest B' robotic testing system

The 'roboTest B' (Compact) robotic testing system is used to perform fully automatic tensile tests (e.g. to ISO 527-2, ASTM D638) or flexure tests (e.g. to ISO 178) on plastic specimens.

  • System can be attached to materials testing machines from 5 to 100 kN.
  • Integrated magazine typically holds 20 specimens.
  • Specimens up to 100 g in weight can be tested.
  • Manual tests can be performed whenever required – specimen feeder simply swings out of the way for access.
  • Control is via an industrial controller with autoEdition2 automation software.
  • Optional extras include status display, HOST connection and accept-reject feature.



Tensile and Bending Test on Plastics + Thin Sheet, Automated

Zwick robotic testing system ‚roboTest B' with materials testing machine 20 kN for tensile tests or bending ...
Video 00:05:40
30_Tensile_and_Bending_Test_on_Plastics___Thin_Sheet.wmv (42 M)

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