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'roboTest' H robotic testing system

roboTest H robotic testing system - plastics

The 'roboTest H' robotic testing system is used for automated impact tests on Charpy (ISO 179-1) or Izod (ISO 180 / ASTM D 256) specimens (ambient temperature or cooled)

  • System can be attached to 25 J or 50 J pendulum impact testers.
  • Instrumented or non-instrumented pendulums according to standard, nominal energy 0.5 joules to 50 joules.
  • Temperature-conditioning magazine holds 20 4 mm-high specimens.
  • Temperature-conditioning magazine plus specimens must be cooled externally to required temperature before insertion into robotic testing system.
  • Test is performed within 5 seconds of removal of specimen from temperature-conditioning magazine.
  • Manual tests can be performed whenever required.
  • Control is via an industrial controller with autoEdition2 automation software.
  • roboTest H with 450J pendulum impact tester for automatic metal testing
  • Feeding a metal specimen into the 450J pendulum impact tester

roboTest H robotic testing system - metals

The roboTest H robotic testing system provides automated Charpy impact testing (as per ISO 148-1 and ASTM E 23) at room temperature.

  • system can be attached to 450 J or 750 J pendulum impact testers
  • instrumented or non-instrumented pendulums according to standard, nominal energy up to 750 joules
  • specimen feeding suitable for 5 to 10 x 10 x 55mm specimens
  • magazine can accommodate 21 room-temperature specimens 10mm in height, or 42 specimens 5mm in height
  • manual tests (e.g. from cooling bath or furnace) can be performed whenever required.



Robotic-testing-system for pendulum impact tests - Automatisiertes Prüfsystem für Schlagversuche

Robotic-testing-system roboTest H for pendulum impact tests on metal specimen with RKP 450 - Automatisiertes ...
Video 00:01:30
148_RKP450_roboTest_H_01.wmv (10.9 M)

Impact test on plastic specimen (automated)

Robotic testing system ‚roboTest H' with pendulum impact tester 50 J for impact tests on plastic specimen
Video 00:03:20
81_Impact_test_on_plastic_specimen__automated_.wmv (13.4 M)

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