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1200 kN materials testing machine

Y series

These materials testing machines are fitted with a patented hybrid drive and two hydraulic working cylinders, on each side of the test area.

  • Available in 600, 1200, 1600 and 2000 kN (60 - 200 tonnes) versions.
  • High-resolution, channel-synchronized measurement technology provides extremely precise, accurate determination of material characteristic values. No range-switching is necessary as load-signal resolution is available over the whole range.
  • Patented Zwick hybrid drive for large test loads covers the widest possible specimen range.
  • Hybrid drive combines the advantages of hydraulic load application (simple load generation, robust, low wear) with mechanical precision (high positioning accuracy of ±1 µm under load).
  • With the hybrid drive concept, load generation is separated from drive control, allowing test conditions to be reproduced very accurately.
  • These materials testing machines feature a large measurement range. The large measurement range also allows precise determination of low test forces, with no need to re-equip the testing machine.
  • Long travel combined with relatively low overall height ensures trouble-free specimen clamping and convenient testing of specimens of widely differing lengths.
  • Operator involvement is reduced to pushing a single button in standard tests using testXpert II testing software.
  • Modular design throughout the system allows the entire Zwick accessory range to be used, including a wide variety of extensometers, specimen grips and other test fixtures).
  • Should new testing requirements arise, additional test fixtures (e.g. calibration blocks) are easily installed via a T-slot or screw system.
  • Can be tailored to customers’ specific requirements (e.g. test devices, specimen grips, test speed ranges, testing software).

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