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Temperature chambers

Temperature chambers are used in a temperature range from -80°C to +250°C.



High-temperature devices

High-temperature devices are used in a temperature range from +200°C to +1600°C.



37°C temperature chamber

The 37°C temperature chamber is ideal for tests on materials which must be performed at a temperature equivalent to that of the human body.



Fluid bath with temperature control unit

In the field of biomaterials, research is carried out into the mechanical properties of both regenerative and artificial materials. To reflect the physiological conditions of the body, mechanical tests should be performed in a temperature-controlled fluid-bath.



Testing system for glow-wire tests

This semi-automatic testing system is used for glow-wire tests on plastics. In these tests the fire behavior of plastics is determined using a glowing wire pressed against a circular test plate.




High temperature testing up to 800 °C, Hochtemperaturprüfung bis 800 °C

Hochtemperaturprüfung bis 800 °C High temperature testing up to 800 °C
Video 00:01:27
83_Hochtemperatur_02.wmv (15.6 M)

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