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  • 37 °C temperature chamber
  • testXpert II software

37°C temperature chamber

The 37°C temperature chamber is ideal for tests on materials which must be performed at a temperature equivalent to that of the human body.
The large chamber door enables easy insertion of new specimens installation of different fixtures or tools, while sophisticated control technology ensures that the target temperature is reached quickly and maintained accurately to within +/-1°C.

Technical data

Width:405 mm
Depth:600 mm
Height:1250 mm
Temperature range : room temperature – 40 °C
Amended test area:
Width:385 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Electrical supply : 230 V/350-650 W
Accuracy:± 1°C



Medical tests on micro specimen - Medizinische Prüfung an Mikroproben

Medizinische Prüfung an Mikroproben in einer Temperierkammer - Medical tests on micro specimen in a ...
Video 00:00:43
150_Mikroproben_01.wmv (13.6 M)

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