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Temperature chamber

Temperature chambers

Testing of the mechanical properties of materials in an extended temperature and climate range mainly takes place in a research and development context. Zwick has a full range of temperature-control and conditioning devices to cater for the many widely-differing requirements found in this field.

  • ergonomic, CE-compliant design for simple, safe and reliable operation
  • designed to cater for the most frequently used temperature ranges with various coolants and cooling and refrigeration units
  • easily adaptable to on-site testing conditions – options include fixed installation in machine, mounting on guide-rails or transport on lift-trolley (trolley can be supplied by customer)
  • flexibility in use of testing machine - chamber can be withdrawn from test area to allow testing of long or high-extension specimens at ambient temperature
  • wide variety of specimens can be tested using mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic grips and a large range of compression and flexure fixtures
  • both optical and mechanical extensometers can be used, ensuring accurate measurement of specimen behavior under the influence of temperature with high and low deformation