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laserXtens Array HP extensometer

laserXtens Array HP features a measuring head incorporating seven fixed high-resolution cameras. The overlapping fields of view of the seven cameras are combined into a single large image, giving a very large measuring range.

laserXtens Array High Precision extensometer

Advantages of laserXtens Array

  • laserXtens Array HP possesses an extremely large measuring range, combined with a resolution of 0.10 μm.
  • laserXtens Array HP has no moving parts and is completely maintenance-free.
  • laserXtens Array HP satisfies the requirements of Class 0.5 of ISO 9513 (Class B2 of ASTM E83).
  • Used for strain-rate-controlled tests to ISO 6892-1 Method A1 (closed loop) for gage lengths from 30mm.
  • Different gage lengths can be set in fractions of a second.
  • laserXtens Array HP can also measure transverse strain with no need for additional markings; biaxial measurement is additionally possible.
  • Determination of strain distribution and strain at break as per Annex H of ISO 6892-1; two-dimensional measurement at up to 100 measuring points distributed arbitrarily or in matrix form over a level specimen surface (option: 2D dot matrix)

laserXtens extensometer

laserXtens systems

Extensometers using laserXtens systems provide non-contact measurement of deformations on a wide range of materials. They consist of measuring heads with digital cameras and laser light-sources. The specimen is illuminated with laser light, generating a speckle pattern on the surface. When the specimen is subjected to a load the virtual gage marks are displaced and the evaluation windows are updated. laserXtens calculates the strain on the specimen from the displacement between two consecutively recorded images.

Advantages of laserXtens

  • laserXtens systems deliver high precision in the micro and macro measurement ranges.
  • Measuring principle eliminates the need to apply gage marks.
  • laserXtens can be mounted at varying distances from the specimen. A key advantage of this is that it can be used in temperature chambers.
  • In contrast to contact extensometers or pure video solutions, laserXtens systems can measure strain on short specimens (gage lengths from 1.5mm) with high accuracy.
  • laserXtens is integrated into testXpert II. Use of a separate 22“ monitor is recommended to enable the live image from laserXtens to be observed parallel to the testXpert II display.