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More Information
  • Calibration to ISO 7500, Accuracy Class 1
  • Calibration to ISO 7500, Accuracy Class 0.5
  • Linearity to ISO 7500

Calibration and accuracy in accordance with ISO 7500-1

Xforce load cells fulfill all five criteria of the ISO 7500-1 accuracy classes over a very large measurement range

  • Used in conjunction with testControl, Xforce HP and Xforce K load cells typically offer significantly better linearity (= relative display deviation) than required by ISO 7500. The maximum linearity error (relative accuracy) is less than 1% of the measured value from as low as 0.1% of the load cell nominal capacity; from 0.4% of load cell capacity it is 0.25% of the measured value.
  • This very wide measurement range often avoids the need for a second load cell, with a consequent saving on acquisition and annual calibration costs.
  • Even with high pre-loads due to heavy test fixtures or specimen grips, virtually the entire measurement range remains available. The load cell can be used to full capacity with fixture or grip weights amounting to 45 % of nominal load.

Xforce K load cell, Fmax 20 kN

Overload protection, force limits

  • Xforce load cells are extremely robust, with a high working load (up to 150% of their maximum nominal force), making overload protection (e.g. pre-loaded spring assemblies, mechanical limit-stops or guides to absorb transverse forces) unnecessary in most cases.
  • Xforce load cells are very robust and can withstand loads up to 300% of nominal capacity without mechanical failure and up to 150% without zero-point shift.
  • Xforce HP load cells in the range from 5 -100 N have integrated overload protection to safeguard them against higher overloads (tensile forces, compression forces, bending moments etc.).
  • The crosshead travel range can be restricted via soft and hard limit stops, protecting load cells and text fixtures (only from Zwick Roell).
  • Force limits can be set in testXpert II to switch off the testing system automatically, protecting the load cell.

Self-identifying sensor plug

These intelligent load cells have a unique electronic identification system stored on an internal EEPROM.

  • The testXpert II testing software automatically identifies the sensor type and properties.
  • Force limits are automatically imported.
  • Sensor overloads plus date are stored in the EEPROM.

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