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Testing laboratory for plastics / rubber / composites

The Zwick Materials Testing Laboratory is one of the biggest testing laboratories for polymers, composites (GFRP, CFRP) and elastomers in Germany. Our test engineers carry out tests to customers' order. As Zwick manufactures the testing equipment itself, the latest systems are always in use. The advantages are obvious: maximum result precision and efficient testing.

Our testing service includes:

  • tensile, compression and flexure tests (IS0 527, ASTM 638, ISO 178 ...)
  • tests at temperature (-40°C to +250°C)
  • puncture tests and push-out tests
  • melt index tests (ISO 1133, ASTM 1238 ...)
  • Izod, Charpy impact tests, impact tensile tests (ISO 179, ASTM 6110, ISO 180 ...)
  • drop-weight tests
  • fatigue tests and component testing
  • hardness testing

An overview of all the standard tests that we can carry out is available at:
Standards overview: plastics / rubber
Standards overview: composites

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